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Redstone’s bid was a great value, detailed and easy to read. It was also customized to our wants and needs, which was lacking in other cookie-cutter bids. We met with Bob and owner Dan Larson several times to ask questions and always received prompt, direct and clear answers. These are experienced contractors who have worked on historical homes and new construction, so they have seen it all, and can give you examples of what works well. Everything from excavation to foundation work to framing and electrical to drywall, paint and finish carpentry, has been high-quality professional work. Though quality is excellent and price is very competitive, the highest compliments I would give this company are for flexibility and responsiveness. Dan and Bob are easy to reach quickly with any question or concern, and always willing to talk through anything. They also build to high quality standards: for example, the flooring is rock-solid, built to a higher spec than residential code—built to last, not just to get done. We recommend Redstone Builders wholeheartedly. This is a great company whose quality and value are hard to beat.
— Kari
These are experienced contractors.

Owner Bob Appert promptly answered our emails and calls, and carefully reviewed our plans—asking many questions about what we wanted from the project. Redstone’s bid was of great value, detailed and easy to read. It was also customized to our wants and needs, which was lacking in other cookie-cutter bids. We met with Bob and Dan several times to ask questions and always received prompt, direct and clear answers. These are experienced contractors who have worked on historical homes and new construction, so they have seen it all, and can give you examples of what works well. That’s hard to find these days!
— Karie
Best experience I’ve had with a home improvement project.

After meeting with me to get an explanation of what I wanted to do, Bob returned a detailed proposal and blueprints. Bob was very responsive during the several weeks it took for me to ask questions, compare proposals from other vendors, etc. He answered my questions, updated the proposal when necessary, and provided a good list of references that I could contact. I had a clear understanding up-front of the cost for the project, as well as the cost for any upgrades I chose to make.
— Linda
We had a wonderful experience with Redstone Builders.

The project management was professional, the workers were conscientious, the interior designer was very talented and helped us navigate through choices from paint, stain, wood flooring, brick colors for the fireplace, and lighting fixtures. Simply put, their work is quality and their price was fair. They take great pride in their work and in ensuring that the design is not only of quality construction, but that the style and flow of the space created both from a curb appeal standpoint and from the sense of interior space is something both you and they will be proud of.
— John
Very professional and friendly… great insight and point of view.
— Garret
Their attention to detail is unrivaled…and their insight and problem solving made the experience worthwhile.
— Andrew
The quality exceeded our expectations. We firmly believe that Dan wanted the house to look better than we did, and it does. He is a perfectionist with a fine attention to detail. They are honest, competent, and experienced contractors who have high standards of quality and workmanship. Dan and Bob are easy to talk with and work with and are knowledgeable builders. They smartly included time with an interior designer in the budget, which proved very helpful in tile selections and layouts, room configurations, and paint selections. Dan and Bob are sincere and keep their word. They are the best. We cannot recommend Redstone Builders highly enough…If you want a job that is done right, done to exacting standards and done with the least amount of pain possible, then hire Redstone. They are that good.
— Raymond
Upon entering Redstone’s model home we knew right away that this was the home we wanted. Redstone’s sales representative Nathan took the time to walk us through the home and point out details we would have missed. From the very beginning working with Bob and Dan was excellent. They were both available to answer any questions we had at any time and review any details we wanted. They explained the details of their construction process and how our new home was going to exceed building standards.

When designing our house we wanted to highlight our kitchen and master bathroom, Redstone came through with flying colors. Our kitchen features a 48” dual fuel Viking range with 6 gas burners and griddle plate. Glass tile backsplash and granite counter top round out our dream kitchen.

Of course our selection process was made much easier with the help of designer Evan. Redstone actually provided us as part of their package a designer to help us make all our selections. Evan made sure we were going down a path that we would be happy with and made recommendations where needed.

I cannot say this enough: the overall quality, design and completion on our project could not have gone any better. Redstone did everything they promised and exceed our expectations. The day we moved into our home it actually felt like a home and was comforting to be here from the very beginning.
— Nick
It was clear they all take pride in their work. The end product is better than we expected. Family and friends have commented on the quality of the work. I would not hesitate to use Redstone again
— Linda
Dan and Bob were great from the get-go. Bob was always very on top of communicating with us on everything. We did a lot of front end prep and decision making, all of which was documented well on both sides, that minimized questions later. They have a designer to help make those big decisions; she was a great help in bringing us to good showrooms and giving honest feedback on choices. All parties had great communication, presentation, and very fair pricing. Once the project started, Dan was on site nearly every day, making sure the workers were on top of everything. These guys are very experienced and very dedicated to earning and keeping a good reputation for Redstone. We were very happy with the entire process.
— Sarah
Throughout the construction I felt that customer satisfaction was their highest priority. By the end of the construction I trusted them completely. I have worked with many contractors before but I have never come across a group of people who deliver such quality work at a reasonable price. I would love to work with Redstone again.
— Rijinder
Bob Appert and Dan Larson (co-owners) were absolutely fabulous to work with from start to finish. They both took a sincere personal interest in the project, visiting the worksite daily to ensure that things were progressing according to plan and that I was happy. My project was finished on time, with impeccable workmanship. The workers that they contract with are highly professional.
— Shaun
We thought Redstone did a great job, and would not hesitate to use them again. Bob and Dan value integrity. We were looking for a general contractor we could trust. Quality of workmanship is excellent. No short-cuts. Price is very fair. Bob and Dan are both very personable, and provide excellent customer service! Overall, we would recommend Redstone because they provide an excellent balance of quality, excellent customer service, integrity and value
— Michael
They exceeded our expectations. They care so much about their work and the results and making their customers happy. They are very detailed and dedicated to making the project go smoothly and are on top of everything. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great contractors that are trustworthy, hardworking, priced competitively, and on top of their game!
— Christina
Absolutely great experience. I am a completely satisfied customer. They are honest and trustworthy, they have a great deal of experience doing both remodeling and new construction, and they care about their clients being satisfied with the end product. They also have a sense of humor and are fun to work with!
— Horacio
The overall experience is excellent. One of the reasons I selected Redstone is because of the good report they consistently received (key word- consistently) from their customers. I am very pleased with their service. I have no problem recommending them to anyone who is looking for quality work. Bob and Dan are excellent partners; they work together as a team and they know what they are doing. They were very patient to explain things, often multiple times. At the end, you feel that you have two experts working on your side to make the best decision. Very friendly, trustworthy and flexible. I am very pleased with the whole experience. If you are looking for a company you can trust with results you feel great about, Bob and Dan convinced me.
— Cheisan